Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Welcome to DERMACON 2024! As the Scientific Chairman, it is my privilege to introduce our conference theme: "Skinception to Skinnovation".

In this era of rapid advancements in dermatology, it is crucial that we recognize the pivotal role that innovation plays in transforming the field. Our theme underscores the importance of building upon the foundation of existing knowledge and creating new paths towards progress and discovery.

We are excited to present a dynamic program featuring cutting-edge research and practical solutions that embody the spirit of Skinnovation. You will have the opportunity to delve into the latest diagnostic techniques, explore novel therapeutic approaches, and learn from expert speakers who are at the forefront of their fields.

This conference is not just an opportunity to gain knowledge but also to foster collaborations and exchange ideas with like-minded professionals. We are confident that this event will spark inspiration and pave the way for transformative change in the field of dermatology.

Hyderabad, with its rich cultural heritage and diverse culinary offerings, provides the perfect backdrop for this exciting conference. As you explore the city, I encourage you to take in the beauty of its landmarks and immerse yourself in its vibrant culture.

Thank you for joining us on this journey from Skinception to Skinnovation. We hope that DERMACON 2024 will provide a treasure of latest insights and will be a source of inspiration for all who attend.

Dr. D.V.S. Pratap

Scientific Chairman