Moderator Instructions:

The role of the moderator is as follows:

  • The registration area is open from 07:00 AM IST every day from 22nd to 25th Feb 2024.
  • The projection format will be 16:9. Please use this format when creating your slide deck.
  • PowerPoint 2016 and previous versions are accepted.
  • Coordinate with your panelists by forming a WhatsApp group for the smooth conduct of your session.
  • Keep your and your panelists' CVs at the beginning of your session.
  • If you are adding media elements to your presentation slide deck, please note the following:
    • Use the ‘Insert’ function to integrate media elements, such as images and videos.
    • Limit the size of your videos and sound to 1GB and use formats such as .mp4 and .WMV if possible.
    • If your video files come from medical equipment, make sure you do not need special proprietary software to play it on a PC.
  • You will receive a beep/bell 5 minutes before your scheduled time, and the projection of the screen will be stopped automatically at the time out. Hence, we request you to kindly cooperate with us for the smooth conduct of scientific deliberations.
  • Involve the audience to make the session interesting.